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Located at 2763 University Ave., these spacious apartments are within close proximity to Kennedy Mall and all that J.F. Kennedy Rd. has to offer in terms of shopping, dining and other shops. This property is close to the University of Dubuque as well as Dubuque Senior High School. Rent starts at $1100/month.



Located off of J.F.Kennedy Rd., this property is just down the road from the Northwest Arterial, giving occupants a swift drive to the Downtown district or out to the West end of Dubuque. Monthly rent starting at $800/month, this is a great complex to reside within.



Located off of Hillcrest Rd., this six-plex is placed where the NW Arterial meets downtown Dubuquel. It's location and friendly neighborhood are in a beautiful, quiet part of town. Rent starts at $700/month

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